Handline Assembly Line

Heckethorn can custom assemble all of our clamp designs to meet any customers need. Including specialty coating on the clamp saddle, u-bolt or nuts. We can also assemble custom nuts with locking features for nut retention until assembled on the pipe joint.


Square tube for hanger assembly

Recent innovations in hanger designs have allowed us to start utilizing square tubes for applications that require a wide contact surface area. These square tubes can be pierced or notches can be cut to install either rod or tubular hangers that fit a mating rubber isolator.


CNC tube bender

We are using state-of-the-art CNC tube benders for customers that require tubular hangers. Bender capabilities cover from an 8mm diameter through a 25.4mm diameter in stainless and low carbon materials. The machines can bend many seat frame applications to create round and square tube forms.


Headed tube

Various head shapes can be applied to tubular hangers through unique cold heading processes developed at Heckethorn. Head shape and diameter are only dictated by the tube diameter.


Bent/headed tube

Custom tube bending can be done to match almost any customer requirements. These bent tubes can have either head, radius nose or flattened areas for applications at either exhaust pipe or muffler head contact points.


DG Saddle (DG= DynaGrip)

Known for it's strength and durability, the DG(DynaGrip) clamp is one of the leaders in the industry for clamp joint seal and strength against joint pull apart. Its unique design allows the deformation of the female pipe to grip into the male pipe. This makes the joint extremely strong and virtually leak free.


Headed/Welded Assembly

Through the use of specialty designed MiG welding units and robotic welders, we can weld several components from either solid rod or tube to build components or exhaust mounting to the chassis hangers.


TR Clamp (TR=Tubular Reinforced)

With similar characteristics as the DG Saddle Clamp, the unique squared design and larger nut seat surface can withstand tremendous torque force from the nut to seal. These clamps are extremely strong with thick walls and pipe joints.


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