Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Rod drawing: 15mm to 8mm diameter , SS or LC
  • Rod Cutting: 15mm diameter SS or LC from 50mm to 950mm in length.
  • Rod Fabrication, hydraulic bending, flattening, shank-down between rod features, "One Shot" cold heading, piercing, threading, CNC bending
  • Tubular hangers, "One Shot" cold heading , flattening , Hydraulic and CNC bending
  • Welding , "No hand welding" Automatic MiG welders, fully articulated Robotic welding
  • Hanger fabrication, Multiple rod or tube component welding, Rod or tube welding in combination with stampings
  • Threading, 9.75mm to 14mm threading to various Classes
  • Stamping: 500 Tons
  • Assembly , Weld nut or screw applications , Automated component assembly , Rubber isolator assembly

Engineering Capabiities

CAD Design

  • Iges file translation
  • Tiff, Bitmap, 3-D modeling, PDF, Jpeg, DXF.
  • GD&T Standards in accordance with ASME Y14.5 -2009
  • In-drawings data base
  • Drawing scanning and archiving


  • Rods or Tubular
  • Fabricated stampings with Rod or Tube
  • Small count orders
  • Design verification

R&D, Testing

  • New product development - Internal / External
  • Flex test - To OE standards
  • Extreme Heat and Cold test
  • Drop test
  • Joint leak , Pull-a-part & rotation test

Tool Design

  • In-house tool and specialty equipment design

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